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Royal Studies Network

Elena Woodacre (resp.)

This academic network is an ideal way to connect with other scholars who are working on monarchal topics in any geographical or temporal context. We are looking to build a global, web-based community to share ideas, research, publications, notices about conferences and events and assist in the development of collaborative research projects.

This network is intended to connect academics and independent scholars whose research interests focus or even just touch on royal themes, including biographical studies, rulership (both male and female), royal courts, relations between monarchs and the aristocracy, palaces, royal patronage, the military role of monarchs, succession, matrimonial politics, diplomacy, the image and representation of monarchs and many more possible topics. We welcome specialists from any discipline including (but not limited to) historians, art historians, literature specialists, archaeologists, political scientists - we hope to generate interdisciplinary connections to generate new ideas and strengthen existing research...

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