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Teacher, Father, King : Royal Representations of Louis-Philippe I 

Heidi Mehrkens

Mehrkens, Heidi, « Teacher, Father, King : Royal Representations of Louis-Philippe I », Francia 46 (2019), p. 207-230.

Extrait de l’article

In September 1841, the French ambassador to Switzerland, Count Hector Mortier, received an unusual request. A certain Ulrich von Planta informed him about a historical connection between the King of the French, Louis-Philippe I, and the castle von Planta owned in Reichenau-Tamins, a village near Chur by the Rhine. Von Planta explained to the ambassador :

 »The reputation of Castle Reichenau, which is known for His Majesty’s stay during the French Revolution, daily attracts foreigners and especially Frenchmen eager to visit the apartment His Majesty occupied under the name of Monsieur Chabos, professor at the institute at this castle which meanwhile has come to be the property of the Undersigned. To my regret I can only satisfy the requests of His Majesty’s subjects by showing them a small room which unfortunately does not have the merit of having stayed intact like the one of Peter the Great at Sardum ; the depredation of the castle during the war has destroyed the very furniture used by His Majesty (...)

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