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Saint-Florent of Saumur and the origin of the ’Bayeux’ Tapestry

George T. Beech

George T. Beech, Saint-Florent of Saumur and the origin of the ’Bayeux’ Tapestry, dans : Francia - Forschungen zur westeuropäischen Geschichte, vol. 33/1 (2006), p. 17-26.

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In this paper I am presenting a new hypothesis about who commissioned the Bayeux Tapestry (commonly referred to as such although it is actually an embroidery) and where it was produced. The uncertainty about its origin comes from the fact that the tapestry itself does not identify who ordered it, nor for whom, nor when and where it was made. Complicating the affair is a second fact, that the tapestry is not mentioned by any other contemporary source, with the possible exception of a poem of about 1100. The first undisputed référence to it comes from an inventory of Bayeux cathedral of 1476, about 400 years after its production. As a consequence everything that can be known about the above questions, i.e. origin, commissioner, date, place, has to be inferred from the tapestry itself.

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