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Jean Froissart

Jean Froissart, Chroniques, manuscrit conservé à l’université de Texas, Austin, Harry Ransom Center. Mis en ligne :

Description de l’ouvrage

HRC 48 Froissart, Jean (1338 ?-1410 ?). Chroniques (Book I). France : between 1425 and 1475.
2 vols. (162, 225 leaves) : parchment, 359 x 286 mm.
Written in French, bastarda script. Layout is 2 columns of 49, 53, or 54 lines ruled in ink. Decoration includes large miniature of battle scene ; two smaller miniatures, one of mounted knights, the other of a funeral procession. Numerous capitals in gold on colored grounds. In the style of the Bedford Master. Binding : Rebound in full beige-toned alum tawed pigskin over wood boards, in two volumes, by Bruce Levy, 1980s ; previous binding quarter tawed sheepskin nailed to wood boards with red (now faded) velvet covers (retained as HRC 48a).

Provenance : St. Martin of Tournai monastery ; Augustins Déchaussées de la Croix-Rousse ; Thomas Hobart (d. 1728) ; Sir Roger Mostyn (1675-1739) ; John Barrymore ; Elliot Nugent ; Edward A. Parsons (1878-1962). Bibliography : Regine Reynolds Cornell, "Vicissitudes of a Fifteenth-Century French Manuscript," Library Chronicle N.S. no.22 (1983):50-65.

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