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"Ballet en comédie" or "comédie en ballet" ? La Princesse d’Elide and Les Amants magnifiques

Ada Coe

Coe, Ada, "Ballet en comédie’ or ’comédie en ballet’ ? La Princesse d’Elide and Les Amants magnifiques", dans Cahiers du XVIIe siècle, 1988, vol. II, 1.

Extrait de l’article

In his article on "Ballet : A Neglected Key to Moliere’s Theatre," (Dance Research , Vol, II, Spring, 1984), Robert McBride states that the "subject of ballet in Moliere’s theatre has been accorded much less prominent treatment in comparison with other aspects of the plays," and that "comedies involving ballet may appear at first sight to be distinctly flimsy and unimportant in dramaturgical terms" by comparison with the "great and enigmatic charactercomedies such as Le Tartuffe, Don Juan, and Le Misanthrope". But "such a view," McBride maintains "owes more to critical tradition than to primary evidence".

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